Blackman Collegiate Academy


Charlie Apigian

In 2014, the Academy Vision and Development Committees were created by Dr. Leisa Justus to determine the feasibility of creating a competitive option at Blackman High Schools for students who are interested in pursuing a rigorous course of study as well as having the Blackman Experience.


Aspiration. Education. Application.


The mission of The Collegiate Academy is to provide a high-quality, college preparatory academic program while providing students with The Blackman Experience where they can thrive not only academically but also socially, athletically, and artistically.



The vision of The Collegiate Academy at Blackman High School is to create a challenging learning environment with a rigorous course of study where students can become well-rounded scholars who fulfill their potential in academic, artistic, athletic, and social settings. The Collegiate Academy will provide an environment of excellence, responsibility, and diversity to foster the total development of each student and prepare our graduates to succeed both in their higher educational pursuits as well as become leaders in their communities.